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Heat Recovery Ventilator Models — CL130, CL200 and CL300


On proof of purchase from an authorised CLEANAIRE Distributor, to the original owner, plus an additional “installation time allowance” of 90 days after the date of Avon’s invoice, Avon Electric Ltd’s warranty is……..

For the first 5 years… the complete Heat Recovery Ventilator and Fan Speed Controller is warranted against manufacturing or materials defects, Avon will pay for replacement or rectification including labour (at ordinary time rates), materials and transport, where any materials, are supplied, or authorised to be supplied, by Avon and when all replaced components are returned to Avon, complete, intact and “as removed”, within 15 days of being installed.

For 12 years… from commencement of this warranty, the Aluminium Heat Exchanger “core” will be replaced, overhauled or rectified at no charge. This extended warranty includes labour (in ordinary time) and reasonable transport expenses (receipt’s required).

Specifically excluded from Avon’s warranty are:

Any fair wear and tear which may occur in the normal residential ventilation use of the HRV

Any faults caused by abuse, neglect or lack of maintenance (impediment to the designed air flows through the HRV) e.g. a Heat Exchanger Core, that may be blocked or partially blocked with airborne particulate (dust) or blocked or restricted air intake / exhaust terminals or air filters and other component failures, which can be caused by loose electrical terminations, or fluctuations / irregularities in the power supply which can cause fan motor burn out and electronic component failure. Any condensate drain damage or faults.

Any claim or expense, including any consequential losses whatsoever, that exceed the actual original invoice value of the specific item of equipment supplied by Avon Electric Ltd.

Any faulty installation work, or Components or Accessories, Ducting, Diffusers, Grilles, etc, not supplied by Avon, any wiring circuits external to the HRV or Speed Controller, or faulty condensate drainage, or HRV mounting system, or corrosion caused by airborne particulate or chemicals which does not impair performance.

Faults or claims caused by any replacement parts (ie.. air filters), not supplied by Avon Electric Ltd

No other conditions or warranty applies and any claim to be made in writing within 30 days of the event to which it relates.

NOTE… In a typical house, a continuously operating HRV processes more than 3 million cubic metres of exhaust and outdoor air annually. In some parts of NZ outdoor / or indoor air may be polluted with various chemicals or pollutants. With such large volumes of air being processed even small amounts of some chemicals can cause corrosion.

Avon has selected the best quality materials, finishes and components as appropriate for the designed duty of the CLEANAIRE HRV when used in normal residential applications. Over time the chemical and particulate content of the supply and exhaust air (which varies throughout NZ) will cause the appearance of the two fans and the Heat Exchanger (which are in the supply and exhaust air streams) to display signs of contact with the numerous corrosive chemicals that are present in the two air streams. The changed appearance of any internal components of surfaces, due to sustained exposure to huge volumes of outdoor and indoor air, or deterioration, is fair wear and tear, is unlikely to significantly impair component performance or life, and does not constitute “component failure”.

Avon Electric Ltd may charge for all time or expenses involved in rectifying faults not covered by this warranty.

Thank you for choosing a CLEANAIRE HRV. We welcome your comments.

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