Hot Water Thermostat

Ideal for new homes and houses where no bathroom ventilation is presently installed.  Its function is to increase the rate of ventilation when hot water is used, by detecting when the hot water pipe is in use and increasing the fan speed of the CLEANAIRE HRV unit to high to compensate for the extra humidity.  The fan returns to normal speed when no longer in use.

Summer Bypass Damper

The Summer Bypass Damper causes exhuast air to bypass the HRV (directly to outside) during the warmer months to avoid unwanted heat recovery.  The airflow can also be increased during this time to create a refreshing ‘breeze’ throughout the home.  Please contact us for more information.

“Cut in Half” Kitset

If roofspace access is restricted by a smaller or hard to get at manhole we offer the supply the HRV as a “Knock-down Kitset” that enables the HRV to be passed through the manhole and reassembled in the roofspace.  This option includes everything needed to reassemble.


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